Outkast – Psychedelic Funk Soul Brothers


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Jazz/soul, Rap

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Outkast’s meteoric rise to super-stardom has been unique to say the least. In a world where new names come and go with alarming rapidity, Outkast have proven they have what it takes to stay at the top. Having released their first, groundbreaking album when barely out of high school, they have gone on to become the American South’s number one Rap band. Their formula is simple, keep moving forward, never be afraid to innovate and always keep a sense of humour. Outkast – two boys from the South who took on the world. This is their story.

In ‘Outkast: Psychedelic Funk Soul Brothers’ we go behind the music to discover what it took for this unlikely pair to dominate the Hip-Hop scene. Packed with interviews and rare band footage, this documentary tells the story of how this extraordinary duo broke the mould for Urban music, and stormed the global charts.