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It’s always the salsa dancers who steal the show in every discotheque. Every part of them swings, from their hips and hands to their feet. Everything is hot and spicy. It is the ultimate Latin dance that unites every Latin American rhythm. Originating in Africa, it grew into a fantastically papular dance at the end of the 20th century. Challenging and high-spirited. Dare to show who you are. Dance the salsa.

You only have to see Neil Jones and Nataliya Kravets on the dance floor for a couple of seconds to know that something special is going to happen. Nataliya comes from the Ukraine, where her mother took her to the dancing school at the age of eight. Dancing is her life and nothing is more important. Neil was born in England. Two cultures melting together in the passion of Latin American dancing. But the most important thing, as they say themselves, is that you dance from your heart. That’s what makes them winners.


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