Secret War (volume 1)


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Just when you thought you knew everything about WWII, Secret War uncovers more extraordinary stories that exist under the radar. As bombs were dropped from planes, missiles were launched and tanks were deployed all over the world, another kind of war was being waged by the Allies; a secret war a war of espionage. This secret war involved countless acts of courage, ruthlessness, double-dealing and betrayal. It featured secret agents working undercover on the continent to turn the tide against the Nazis, never knowing who they could trust. Some even became double agents as they believed it was the best strategy for staying alive. Others played both sides just for the thrill of the danger, but always these extraordinary characters lived their lives on edge. Episodes: THE SPECIAL INTERROGATION GROUP, HARDY AMIES – OPERATION RATWEEK, THE MAFIA CONNECTION, DOUBLE AGENT TRICYCLE, THE BANKER, THE NORWEGIANS AND THE BOMB, THE SCHOLAR AND THE FIGHT FOR GREECE

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