Tim Vine: The Joke-a-motive live (ingesealed)



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You know what to you expect going into a Tim Vine show: the man has built a reputation on the rapid-fire delivery of one-liners, even going so far as to secure a Guinness World Record for the most jokes told in an hour (although we should mention that this is currently being challenged). Every now and then, he?ll launch into a song, but it?ll never last more than 30 seconds, and the aim will be the same: get the punch-line out there, then discard it and move on.

The massive volume of material results in the show being a bit hit and miss (and there?s a fair number of jokes recognising this fact). Not every pun can walk the thin line between laughter and groans; a lot of them fall on the wrong side. Vine takes it all in his stride, though ? being cheesy and a bit rubbish is part of his shtick ? and if you?re willing to suffer through the weaker moments, you?ll be rewarded with some truly gut-busting laughs.


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